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ELA & Reading Enrichment

Live, online ELA classes.

Having good communication skills are amongst the core tenets of life and instrumental to a successful career, regardless of field.

Severe budget cuts to education have forced schools to limit access to a robust ELA (English Language Arts) curriculum that would otherwise provide students with the communication skills and literary synthesis needed to succeed.

In order to attain proficiency in language and reading, a student needs to multi-task cognitive functions like breaking down the language, understanding the text, sort through different elements, and then translate their understanding into their writing.

This cognitive balancing requires practice beyond those put in during school hours.

The Study Huddle has a unique and comprehensive ELA program based on recognizing that “good writing is clear thinking, understanding and robust mechanics.” We constantly challenge our students to push themselves creatively while learning the mechanics in a controlled environment. This results in most of our students qualifying for the gifted program without explicitly studying for it.

The Study Huddle offers two strands of study methodology in ELA & Reading Enrichment:

1. After-school enrichment, which is more curriculum-based
2. Gifted & Talented program, which is geared towards unlocking academically- talented potential

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