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Python & Java Programming


Computing is now an integral part of our lives, spanning across almost all facets like communications, education, gaming, social media, banking, security, shopping, medicine and even capable of remotely controlling the thermostat or lighting.

In the world of computer science, the versatility, efficiency and automation capabilities of Java and Python make them the two most popular programming languages.

In fact, a recent study showed that Python was the most preferred language amongst the top US college’s Computer Science departments for teaching introductory programming courses.

Companies such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, and Dropbox all make use of Python because of its simplicity, ease of deployment and code maintenance, and the availability of various code libraries.

It is beneficial for students to learn the basics of computer language, along with biology or physics, especially since in such creative environments, there are no right answers or guidebooks, but an environment of collaboration and peer-feedback through the discipline of coding.

At The Study Huddle, Python and AP-Java classes are designed and taught by teachers with veteran coding experience. Our staff have spent numerous years working in the field of computer science, coding in many different languages including c, c++, Java, and Python.

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