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Science Enrichment


Students interested in pursuing science or engineering-related fields post-school will find that not only does the required and recommended coursework vary greatly across college institutions, but they also usually need a more science-focused background than liberal arts colleges.

In addition, the admission consideration of prestigious colleges requires students to procure a close-to-perfect GPA.

However, the transition to high school means that courses become more rigorous and challenging, sometimes leading to a compromised GPA.

Therefore, it is strategically beneficial for the student to augment their curriculum courses of the upcoming academic year through proper selection videos, instruction, and practice, especially for subjects like Math, Science and Programming.

The Study Huddle’s staff are not only experts in their respective fields but are also deeply familiar with the high school curriculum and the appropriate college application requirements.

Our academic High School Enrichment Programs, which include Science Enrichment, closely follow and enhance the school curriculum. We place our students in small learning groups of peers whose levels are determined by assessments, age / grade and a combination of other environmental factors, and work to intellectually stimulate them with challenging concepts.

Contact us for more information regarding our science enrichment programs.


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