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A study conducted by the College Board in 2019 found that higher SAT scores correlates to an increased likelihood of higher college grades and lower attrition. When combined with high school grades, SAT scores help college admission committees to gain the most accurate understanding of the student’s potential performance for their college. When students practice taking standardized tests, they gain a competitive edge when it comes to taking their actual SATs or ACTs. Practice makes perfect. Students that are new to the test experience can fail to get a good score by missing important parts of questions, running out of time or forgetting important concepts in the moment. For such tests, students need holistic guidance which can help them improve their vocabulary, reading comprehension, basic math skills via test prep resources, and even the test experience via several practice sessions. This boosts their awareness, confidence and ultimately, performance. The Study Huddle’s experience in teaching students Math & English from elementary school to high school gives us a unique strength in spotting student’s weak areas and supplementing the gaps with specific practice materials. The guided practice sessions ensure student’s responses are accurate and within the allocated time. Empower your student to gain experience, strategy and confidence by enrolling in our Test Prep Courses today.
Course NameStart Date# of WeeksDays of the WeekStart TimeEnd TimePriceStatus
PSAT 10 / NMSQT Prep - MathStart DateSep 18, 2021# of Weeks8Days of the WeekSAT, SUNStart Time09:00 AM Central
Sep 18
07:00 AM Pacific
08:00 AM Mountain
09:00 AM Central
10:00 AM Eastern
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End time10:30 AM Central
Oct 10
08:30 AM Pacific
09:30 AM Mountain
10:30 AM Central
11:30 AM Eastern
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Price$375.00 Enrolling
PSAT 8/9 Prep - MathStart DateSep 04, 2021# of Weeks8Days of the WeekFRI, SUNStart Time05:00 PM Central
Sep 4
03:00 PM Pacific
04:00 PM Mountain
05:00 PM Central
06:00 PM Eastern
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End time03:00 PM Central
Sep 27
01:00 PM Pacific
02:00 PM Mountain
03:00 PM Central
04:00 PM Eastern
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Price$375.00 Enrolling

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