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Advanced Pre-Algebra – Part 2

Advanced Pre-Algebra – Part 2


Course Objective

The goal of this course is to take away the drudgery of the drill sheets and make math more inspiring. With a strong foundation that is built from the previous course, Understanding Pre-Algebra, students are ready for an initial exposure to Advanced Pre-Algebra. Through interesting and engaging lessons, students will learn topics over-arching 8th grade common core standards. 

Topics Covered

Major concepts covered in this class include advanced topics in numerical operations involving exponents, irrational numbers (radicals), and scientific notation. Students will continue to explore proportional relationships, three forms of linear equations and solve systems of equations.

Students will learn about functions and analyze linear functions in particular. In Geometry they will learn about different types of transformations and how to find the volume and surface area of non-polyhedra solids.

Finally in statistics they will learn about bivariate data and how to graph and interpret scatterplots. At the end of this level students may move to the Honors Algebra 1 class.

The completion of this level involves fluency that is typically accomplished through two to three 12-week sessions.

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