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Understanding Pre-Algebra – Part 3

Understanding Pre-Algebra – Part 3


The goal of this course is to take away the drudgery of drill sheets and make math more inspiring. This course is the gateway to Advanced Pre-Algebra and all future mathematics courses at the high school level.

Through interesting and engaging lessons, students will learn contest problem strategies and overarching common core standards topics for 6th grade and 7th grade. 

Topics Covered

Major concepts covered in this class include a thorough understanding of the use of fractions within the context of concepts like ratios, rates, percents and proportions. They will also explore integer operations, practice algebraic thinking through expressions, equations, and inequalities.

Students will learn descriptive statistics using measures of center and variability. In Geometry they will learn how to find the volume and surface area of various types of prisms. Finally, they will be introduced to the basic concepts of coordinate geometry such as slope and its relationship to proportions.

At the end of this level students may move to the Advanced Pre-Algebra. The completion of this level involves fluency that is typically accomplished through two to three 12-week sessions.

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