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Critical Reading & Writing – Level 3

Critical Reading & Writing – Level 3


Critical reading goes further than just what a text says. It means reflecting on what the text describes, and analyzing what the text actually means in the context of the passage.

The Goal

The goal of this course is to inspire critical thinking and help students be rational, become aware of one’s own feelings on the subject, be able to reorganize one’s thoughts and prior knowledge and accommodate new ideas. Through interesting and engaging lessons, students will practice reading and writing aligned with common core standards at the 4th grade level.

Course Format

These 90 minute classes are divided into 2 parts:

The first half of each class is spent on developing critical reading skills, making inferences, analyzing different text, drawing connections, looking for common themes … etc. Students will read short stories and articles from different genres as well as participate in novel study.

The second half of the class will be spent on writing instruction. This portion of the class time will focus on helping students build their writing skills by creating different written pieces. Students will work through the stages of writing: pre-writing, planning, drafting, revision, and editing.

Students will gain valuable skills in writing multiple paragraph essays, character analysis, theme analysis, and creative and non-fiction writing.


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