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Honors Geometry – Part 2

Honors Geometry – Part 2


Building on the abstract thinking from Honors Algebra-1, geometry allows students to learn more about analysis and reasoning. Studying geometry provides many foundational skills and helps to build the thinking skills of logic, deductive reasoning, analytical reasoning, and problem-solving.

The Goal

The goal of this course is to inspire students to practice analytical and deductive reasoning skills and relate that with postulates, definitions, theorems and proofs. Through interesting and engaging lessons, students will learn topics overarching Honors Geometry common core standards. 

What you’ll learn:

  • Concepts covered in this class include transformations to explain symmetry, congruence and similarity.
  • Students learn the postulates and theorems associated with congruence, similarity, polygons, medians, bisectors and altitudes and learn how to use.
  • Students learn right triangles, trigonometric ratios and using trigonometric concepts like law of sines and cosines.
  • In circle geometry students are introduced to sectors, arc angles, inscribed angles and power theorems. 
  • Finally they learn area, perimeter of 2D shapes and surface area and volume of 3D solids. Advanced topics like doing Geometry on a coordinate plane will be integrated throughout the course.

At the end of this level students may move to the Honors Algebra-2 and Trigonometry .

The completion of this level involves fluency that is typically accomplished through two to three 12-week sessions.

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