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Mathcounts Beginner (AoPS Algebra)

Mathcounts Beginner (AoPS Algebra)


The Study Huddle uses academic competitions as a way to get students started on an unbounded quest of knowledge. Students will learn to persevere and tackle intellectual challenges by developing their foundational understanding in place of rote learning.

Course Goal

The goal of this twelve-week course is to give students an introduction to the problem solving strategies required to succeed in the Mathcounts competitions at the school and chapter levels. In a collaborative platform with guidance from the coaches, students will share their ideas, challenge their own understanding of several mathematical concepts, and learn from the experience.

Topics Covered

Beginner classes are meant for students who are just getting started with middle school math competitions. Students will practice roughly 360 problems from current/previous years Mathcounts handbooks and take away strategies used in these problems.

In addition, students will complete questions from previous Mathcounts competitions and continue to cover important competition topics in depth. These include: 

  • General problem solving strategies & Numerical Fluency
  • Rate, Ratio, Percentage, Conversion 
  • Formulating Equations 
  • Angles, Triangles, Right Triangles
  • Counting
  • Probability
  • Problems using LCM & GCF strategies
  • Area, Perimeter of different shapes
  • Sequences & Series
  • Volumes of different shapes
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