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Academic competitions are a good way to get students started on an unbounded quest of knowledge. Students p...

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Academic competitions are a good way to get students started on an unbounded quest of knowledge. Students persevere to tackle an intellectual challenge by developing their own foundational understanding and building a library of strategies. 

The goal of this course is to give students an introduction to the problem solving strategies required to succeed in the MOEMS Division E competitions. In a collaborative platform with guidance from the coaches, students share their ideas and challenge their own understanding of several mathematical concepts and learn from the experience. 

Students are introduced to the general approach to problem solving and learn how to collaborate with other students to come up with strategies to solve problems. Students will also learn techniques to improve their mental math skills using arithmetic operation strategies. The following elementary math topics will be discussed in depth and students will complete several problems on these topics.

  • Fractions and Decimals, 
  • Rates, Ratios, Percents, 
  • Measurements & Estimation – Angles, Perimeter, Area, Circumference 
  • Patterns, Sequences and Series
  • Expressions, Equations and use of  integers 
  • Geometry : Triangles, Right triangles, and Polygons.

In addition students will complete timed practice of about 300 problems from the past MOEMS competitions.  At the end of two 12-week sessions students are recommended to enroll in the 12-week long Math Circle Beginner course.

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Course NameStart Date# of WeeksDays of the WeekStart TimeEnd TimePriceStatus
MOEMS Prep Division E - OnlineStart DateOct 02, 2021# of Weeks12Days of the WeekSATStart Time02:30 PM Central
Oct 2
12:30 PM Pacific
01:30 PM Mountain
02:30 PM Central
03:30 PM Eastern
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End time04:00 PM Central
Dec 19
02:00 PM Pacific
03:00 PM Mountain
04:00 PM Central
05:00 PM Eastern
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Price$475.00 Enrolling

4 seats left

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