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Numbers, Patterns and Problem Solving – Level A – Part 4

Numbers, Patterns and Problem Solving – Level A – Part 4


The goal of this course is to take away the drudgery of drill sheets and make math more inspiring and engaging. Through colorful, engaging lessons with easy-to-follow explanations, students will learn numerical fluency and algebraic thinking through basic pattern recognition.

Students will also solve word problems to improve their critical thinking and reasoning skills.

Topics Covered

This is a comprehensive lesson plan over arching the 2nd grade common core standards and cognitive skills students are expected to know—and several concepts normally taught in third grade. We focus on problem-solving and computation through the exercises and homework.

Topics covered include:

  • Number operations
  • Algebraic thinking using patterns
  • Measurements
  • Geometry
  • Use of statistics
  • Problem solving

Upon completion of part-1 and part-2 of this course, students can move up to Numbers, Patterns and Problem Solving – Level B.

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