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Machine Learning & AI – Part 1

Machine Learning & AI – Part 1


Machine learning is all about teaching computers to perform tasks without exactly telling “how to do it”. The machine looks at several examples and tries to make its best guess. Then it checks it against the “answer key” that is provided by the humans and learns from the mistakes and corrects its future actions through the “learning” process. 

Course Objective

The goal of this course is to inspire young kids, ignite their creativity and engage them in the world of programming languages, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Using the simple-to-understand programming language, Scratch, the students will train simple machine learning models and use them to play games and create interactive projects.

Students will complete a project where the computer follows the human instructions the non-machine learning way. Then we collect examples of what we want the computer to recognize, train the machine using those examples, and let the machine learn. This learned model can then be used to build their project. 

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