“The most common commodity in this country is unrealized potential”

The current schooling system’s academic programs are forced to cater to a wide array of learning abilities which often results in some students being unchallenged, bored, and free to achieve less than their capabilities. 

This lack of intellectual challenge will snowball unnoticed until students are faced with the rigors of a college curriculum. If not addressed early, students risk finding themselves unprepared for the complexities of advanced subjects, resulting in lower performance or attrition.

What makes The Study Huddle's gifted & talented programs different?

To build the necessary grit, endurance and appropriate mindset, students need to learn from their early years how to approach and tackle challenges. This is best conducted in a supervised and modulated manner amidst an optimal environment calibrated to their potential.

We guide, coach and encourage our students to become comfortable with the quest of knowledge while persevering to tackle an intellectual challenge by developing their foundational understanding in place of rote learning. At The Study Huddle, students are placed in small learning groups of peers whose levels are determined by assessments, age / grade and a combination of other environmental factors. 

Let us help your gifted student unlock their full potential. Contact us for more information regarding our talent programs today.

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