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Why The Study Huddle offers tutoring for High School students? 

High school courses are fast paced and rigorous. Sometimes students find it challenging to keep up with the curriculum and maintain a good grade. The proactive practice and the most effective way to tackle this situation is by taking summer classes and getting familiar with the courses ahead of the academic year. If your summer was hectic and you missed that opportunity the next best thing is to get the help from a tutor.  Our tutoring services during the school year are just meant for that.

Tutoring programs address the immediate need of the student, which is helping the student comprehend the topics that are challenging to them. It will also help keep up with the pace by navigating them through the homework, quizzes and tests. In addition, based on their lesson plan we try to cover topics ahead of school schedule as much as possible. The success of the latter part depends on how early the student engages a tutor. Our recommendation is that students start lessons with the tutor before their grades are impacted. Confidence plays a very important role in learning engagement.

While group study is a good option many students find it challenging to get together to learn due to extra-curricular activities. Students also have a limited amount of time to finish their homework and prepare for quizzes and tests. A coach streamlined to address the student’s individual needs would be a good choice in such cases.

Which subjects do we offer our tutoring services for?
  • Honors Algebra-1 
  • Honors Geometry
  • Honors Algebra-2 & Trig
  • Honors Pre-Calculus
  • AP Calculus AB & BC
  • AP Statistics
  • Multivariable Calculus (Calculus-3)
  • Honors & AP Physics
  • Honors & AP Chemistry
Who are our tutors?

Our tutors are part of The Study Huddle team and in most cases have experience teaching group classes. They are highly qualified, have demonstrated strength in maintaining the academic rigor and are trained to address complex questions regarding the topics from the students. They are experts in their field they teach and  include tutors who are college professors, research assistants, scientists and ivy league students. They’re familiar with the school curriculum and are very comfortable with the flow of topics in each of the subjects.

What are your tutoring policies and how do one get started?

Our tutoring program allows you to buy tutoring hours in 4-hour blocks per month. The tutoring is individualized or can be conducted for a group of 2 or 3 students. Student/s meets with the tutor for a 10 minute initial call to understand the need and propose the recommended number of hours per month. In addition they will go over the syllabus and the needed resources and agree on a time to meet.

The small group students meet with the tutor at the same time and if there is a possible cancellation the group consensus would be needed. Small group tutoring is specifically suited for a set of students with very similar lesson plans and is able to maintain the agreed tutoring schedule without cancellations.

Our tutoring resources are valuable and their time is as important as the student’s. When we block the tutor’s time they’re saying “no” to another student. So please stay in communication with your tutor regarding your plans. Let them know as soon as you have a cancellation or plans to discontinue. Once a schedule is agreed upon, students are expected to show up on time. If for some reason a student must cancel the class the tutor needs to be informed 24 hours ahead of the scheduled class. A no-show or a late cancellation will be charged.

If for some reason a student is not able to use all  4 hours in a month he/she will have up to three months to avail credit for those tutoring hours. The tutoring hours will be void after 3 months of purchase. The tutoring charges are auto-renewed each month. If you’re planning to stop the service please inform us as soon as possible by emailing us at . We need at least 10 days notice before the renewal date. If you fail to inform us and the card is charged we can still issue refund but there will . Further questions call us.

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