November 22, 2020

The talented staff and leaders of Math Factor-e are delighted to continue educating Naperville’s brightest math students at The Study Huddle. In addition to our tried-and-true math courses, The Study Huddle is pleased to offer competitive after school enrichment programs across several subjects, including ELA & Reading, Programming, Test Prep Courses and Academic Competitions.

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The power of collaboration – Inspire, Engage, Transform.

There is a saying that goes like this: “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination…” As we reflect over our journey, our destination could only be described as a steady movement forward, with rhythmic strides, in step with the demands of the ever-changing world of education. It’s amazing to think that Math Factor-e was born in the basement of a home.  We could have never imagined back then that Math Factor-e would be more than a small group of students huddled together in a basement doing some math problems to prepare for the upcoming math competitions. As the word spread about the impressive transformation in these students’ problem solving skills, and as people began to realize that all the top competitors were students of Math Factor-e the demand for our services escalated. With each passing year, this small group continued to grow and evolve in order to include the learning needs of a diverse set of students. Before long, we were able to add our English program, and later expand even more to include programs such as SAT/ACT test preparation, science and computer programming to complete every aspect of STEM. Although there have been many changes throughout the years, the heart and soul of Math Factor-e has stayed the same. The power of collaboration has fostered an engaging and energizing environment for kids to learn and grow. 

Our new name: The Study Huddle

With the expansion of our services it became apparent that we needed a name that is a good reflection of what we do. To represent this change in 2018, Math Factor-e, rebranded its name to be  called “The Study Huddle!” This name represents so much of our spirit and what we stand for. We sifted through dozens of names, being meticulous about choosing the perfect name that would testify about who we are. The moment “The Study Huddle” was uttered, it became undeniable that this was the name that would showcase the balance of diligence in learning with the unbridled energy that collaboration elicits.  “The Study Huddle”- a place where students want to huddle up and learn. This name aligns closely with the mission of this company, which is to provide an avenue for students to be able to creatively and effectively use information.  We want to provide a space where students can be transformed in the way they apply knowledge, adapt a positive attitude, collaborate with their peers and create a community of lifelong learners. 

Change is inevitable. What we offer will only get better.

Evolving and keeping in stride with the demands of education is inevitable.  What will never change, however, is the heart and soul of who we are and what we stand for. Our popular Math Circles and all the English enrichment programs will be continued to be offered while constantly adapting the needs of the students. Our programs will continue to challenge our gifted and talented students while our curriculum based enrichment programs will continue to support the needs of other students. Our high school courses include classes in Math, Science, Coding and PSAT, SAT and ACT Test prep. To keep up with the technology we offer Python coding labs and machine learning for kids. Our classes are offered through live online zoom sessions. For more details on these course visit: