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Are you one of those students who just excel in math classes and maybe even skip certain math courses by testing out?

In many households, parents are very involved in the child’s education and do not see a need for full-fledged after school programs. In some cases parents are willing to invest additional hours to help their child by volunteering hours for a group of students with some guidance. The Study Huddle’s Math Clubs are designed exactly for these students. Students that already excel in their school’s math programs can improve their problem solving skills and critical reasoning by regularly challenging themselves with special math competition problems. The goal of The Study Huddle’s math clubs are:

  1. For the students to belong to a community of similar interest
  2. To nurture the love of competition math problems and problem solving
  3. To provide a platform to practice diligently, solve challenging math problems and discuss strategies
  4. To teach students how to solve problems under pressure with confidence

Learning math and problem solving happens broadly in two different manners. The first involves guiding students through different thinking patterns and problem solving strategies that have been previously established, well-tested and effective 100% of the time. The second component involves “getting hands dirty” — by putting one’s understanding of the mathematical concepts to test, making mistakes, learning from them and subsequently growing.

What is the difference between Math Clubs and Math Circles?

Math circles are generally considered as semester-long math courses paired with a detailed curriculum plan. This approach enables students to build their mathematical skill set in an organized fashion. An in-depth analysis of important math concepts gets taught in these classes, and this is where students gain true mastery in concepts and skills.

A parallel can be drawn between learning how to play your guitar or drums in a formal setting vs. jamming with a group of friends. There is an element of improvisation and unbridled exploration in the latter.

Math clubs are math jam sessions, where students practice their acquired skills by solving challenging and interesting problems, and preparing for upcoming math competitions. In the Math club students use math as a tool and a language of expression in solving the problems.

How do Math Clubs work?

Math competition season generally runs from September through March, and April to August is considered student’s skill-building season. We rely on parent’s participation in proctoring their weekly timed-practice, and The Study Huddle provides the necessary guidance to improve their skill set through our briefing sessions while making Math Clubs a thriving place for exchanging ideas. Our teachers impart important strategies and guidance for skill building within the context of the problems students have encountered.

The Study Huddle organizes & manages these weekly events. Our average group size ranges anywhere from 10 to 15 students, making Math Clubs a highly interactive setting.

Math clubs are currently offered across 3 different levels:

    • Beginner: Math club beginner groups are centered around MOEMS (Division E), Mathleague, Math Kangaroo, etc. and are primarily meant for the elementary school group.
    • Intermediate: Math club intermediate groups will be centered around AMC 8, Mathcounts prep, Mathleague, Math Kangaroo, etc. and are generally meant for middle school groups.
    • Advanced: Math club advanced groups are centered around the Mathcounts State / National levels, AMC 10/12 and are generally meant for very advanced middle school and high school groups.

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