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The Study Huddle Approach

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Keeping your student challenged in the right ways

The key to your child’s academic success is for him or her to feel challenged, but in the right ways. 

That’s where The Study Huddle comes in. 

We understand the importance of an enriching education and will be here with you every step of the way.

In order for our team to find the most effective approach for your child, we generally follow three simple steps.


To ensure the selected courses are a good fit for your child, we’ll connect with you to discuss your child’s unique circumstances.

The Study Huddle will listen to your thoughts on your child’s learning habits, expectations for our program, and any concerns you may have regarding your child’s learning experience that needs attention.


After that, we’ll administer an assessment – this allows us to get a proper gauge of your child’s literacy of the desired subjects and what the best-fit peer group would be. 

The evaluation is usually in the form of a multiple choice quiz, writing prompt, or snippet of code. This evaluation is completed online and may take up to an hour.


Lastly, your child will sit-in and observe a class per the coach’s recommendation. This allows the coach to gain insight about your child in a classroom setting.

This involves identifying where your child feels comfortable enough to ask questions, make mistakes, and have the confidence to partake in challenging assignments.


After The Study Huddle has determined a steadfast plan for your child, we will take you through our enrollment process. 

Whether your child is enrolled at the beginning of the semester or mid-way, we’ll be sure to get your child up to speed. 

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