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Academic Competitions


The admission consideration of prestigious colleges or even competitive summer camps like RSI, PROMYS, SAMS and SUMaC goes beyond just GPAs and SAT scores.

Students need to make a distinct impression, and a great way to stand out of the crowd is to participate in academic competitions.

Academic competitions own the best of both worlds: it showcases not just their intellectual prowess but also their people-skills as a team member.
Like every great opportunity, the journey is tough to master on its own.

Just like how a young athlete’s performance and growth is heavily dependent on their coach, gifted students also need a qualified coach who can guide, support and supervise their journey in a structured manner to help them unlock their maximum academic potential.

The Study Huddle is an intellectual space of learning with an unconventional approach to unleashing each student’s potential, where our coaches adapt to each individual student.

Our students have consistently placed in academic competitions like Mathcounts and AMC (8/10/12/AIME). They have also been accepted to prestigious schools like Yale, Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Carnegie Mellon and many others, continuing to pursue their passions and dreams in various fields.

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