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Elementary School Enrichment

According to The Annie E. Casey Foundation, the annual average learning gain from kindergarten through second grade is higher than at any time during a child’s years in school.

The outcomes of early elementary education – particularly whether or not a child can read proficiently by third grade is so important that not doing so often puts kids on track to drop out of high school – are a powerful predictor of later school and life outcomes.

Research has shown that if students do not consider a learning activity worthy of their time and effort, they might not engage in a satisfactory way, or may even disengage entirely in response, so it is important to design educational activities that will stimulate them accordingly, encouraging them to unlock their potential even in their early years.

The Study Huddle recognises two different streams of learning for their student’s needs.

In Curriculum Enrichment, students are coached to grasp a deeper understanding of the concepts taught to them in school. In Gifted and Talented programs, students explore and learn advanced concepts in Math, Science, Coding and Writing.

Let us help your student unlock their full potential, contact us for more information regarding our elementary school programs.

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