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High School Enrichment

The admission consideration of prestigious colleges or even competitive summer camps like RSI, PROMYS, SAMS and SUMaC requires students to procure a close-to-perfect GPA.


However, the transition to high school means that courses become more rigorous and challenging, sometimes leading to a compromised GPA.

Therefore, it is strategically beneficial for the student to become familiar with the courses of the upcoming academic year through proper selection videos, instruction, and practice, especially for topics like Math, Science and Programming.

The Study Huddle’s enrichment programs are designed to cater to high school students with a sharp focus on the achievement of their educational goals.

The curriculum and courses are prepared and delivered by well-qualified teachers, who hold not just advanced degrees in Engineering or Computer Science and well-rounded industry experience, but have also spent many years teaching high school students.

The current schooling system’s academic programs are forced to cater to a One-on-one mentoring is usually provided through high performing high school/ college mentors who can deliver the lesson plan and also build a rapport with the students.

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