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Math Circles


What are Math Circles?

Elementary and middle-school students who are academically talented in Math often lack opportunity to explore the subject beyond the existing school curriculum. By high school, their valuable computational and problem-solving skills are under-developed, adversely impacting their motivation and grit to tackle challenging tasks.

Math Circles – an informal meet to explore deeper nuances of math with peers and teachers – are currently offered by select universities on select topics for select students. It also lacks a year-long commitment and hence, a sense of community.

The Study Huddle Difference

TSH’s Math Circles are a part of our Gifted and Talented program, where we engage in intellectually stimulating dialogues between coaches and peers. Small classes allow us to give individual attention to the student’s needs, providing a nurturing and structured environment.

The Result

Students who have previously enlisted in our Math Circle programs have scored perfect SAT/ ACTs without additional coaching, received merit scholarships and have been accepted to prestigious schools like Yale, Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Carnegie Mellon and many other prestigious schools in the pursuit of their passions.

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