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Mathcounts 2021


What is a Mathcounts Competition?

Mathcounts is a national program of middle school mathematics competition, structured in four levels of fun, in-person “bee” style contests. The four levels are school, chapter, state and national and each level comprises 4 rounds—Sprint, Target, Team and Countdown Round, which altogether take about 3 hours to complete. This competition is designed to build problem solving skills and foster a sense of achievement in students.

The Study Huddle Difference

TSH has been training students participating in the Mathcounts competition for over a decade, with a focus on active participation and peer discussion. Our sessions involve weekend discussions of solving the 250-300 problems published in the handbook published by the Mathcounts Competition Series. Our approach to Math is to make it fun, by tackling it as a group problem solving activity while preparing our students for a competition format. This ensures that students find meaningful outcomes out of these activities in addition to preparing for Mathcounts.

The Result

Our students have placed in 25% of chapter and state level competitions, and some have moved on to the national level as well.

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