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Middle School Enrichment


Today, the significance of this period for ingraining knowledge and learning good habits is perhaps only surpassed by that of early childhood development. It’s seen as a crucial stage for developing personality traits like curiosity and grit, study habits, and making decisions about a future after high school.

The actions of a student in these three years can make a substantial impact on their future.

During this time, students develop not only a wide range of cognitive abilities, but also their emotional quotient through behavioural health interventions.

It sets the tone for academic and social habits in their adolescence. They also learn ways to cope with competition and failure, and the role played by grit and perseverance for long-term success.

It is important that students are challenged to grow to their full potential at this age, within a controlled environment. Parents have the greatest impact, but education plays a key role too.

The Study Huddle recognizes two different streams of learning for their student’s needs. In Curriculum Enrichment, students are coached to grasp a deeper understanding of the concepts taught to them in school. In Gifted and Talented programs, students explore and learn advanced concepts in Math, Science, Coding and Writing.

Let us help your student unlock their full potential, contact us for more information regarding our middle school enrichment programs.

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