Learning and education doesn’t need to stop with the school bell.

Children in the USA are increasingly attending after-school programs with academic activities designed to enrich students’ learning abilities and intellectual development. These serve to reinforce and complement students’ regular academic program beyond school hours.

It enriches not just their academic performance, but also their social and emotional development in their growing years, grooming them to face and tackle hard challenges in their adulthood. Being productively engaged helps students improve their attendance rates, attitude towards school, as well as reducing the incidence of risky, unsuitable, and disruptive behaviors.

What makes The Study Huddle's after school enrichment programs different?

It is important to select programs that will engage every student’s intellect without causing fatigue – learning programs that are not frustratingly challenging or repetitively simplistic. Simply put, students need an environment where they can voice their ideas confidently with their academic and intellectual peers.

The Study Huddle improves the effectiveness of afterschool programs by placing students in small learning groups with peers of similar aptitude. These groups and levels are determined through assessments, age, grade-level, and a combination of other environmental factors.

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