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Using a Collaborative Curriculum to Challenge Gifted Students


“I don’t want my child to be academically successful,” said no one ever. 

We want what’s best for our children and many times, that means providing them with an enriching education. However, various factors may prevent us from doing so. As a parent, do any of these apply to you? 

● You want your son or daughter to have a better education, but you don’t know where to start. 

● You work a full-time job and don’t have the time to tutor them yourself. 

● You lack expertise in a particular course or subject. 

● English is not your first language and you find difficulty in articulating certain concepts. 

If any of these statements resonate with you, don’t worry, we’re here to help. 

Let’s begin with the standard curriculum at schoolif you know your son or daughter is bored or disinterested in class, it’s probably because the curriculum isn’t challenging enough. Are they getting in trouble for a behavioral problem at school? Oftentimes, this is also because the conventional classes are uninspiring. Placing them in private school could be an option, but even when you’re paying $10,000 a year for tuition, it may not be what they truly need. 

After additional brainstorming, you’re scouring the Internet looking for worksheets a few grades above your child’s; but a lot of the time, these worksheets are extremely generic and do not provide any actual value. It’s great if you want them to do busywork, but if the goal is to ensure they receive an exceptional education, this is not the way to go. So, what’s next? 

You decide you’re going to enlist them in a tutoring center. They’re provided a few workbooks, you get to run some errands, and everything seems to be fine. However, you start noticing them whipping through the exercises as quickly as they can. When you pick them up from the tutoring center, they’re sitting around completely unsupervised. During an unprecedented time (COVID-19 to be exact), maybe that means your child is focused on finishing workbooks with minimal to no interaction with the instructor. The reason why many of these revolving door franchise models don’t work is because there’s a huge emphasis on the outcome. You’ll notice there aren’t many children who stay in these programs for very long, because like your own, they’re in such a frenzy to complete the workbooks, but what have they actually learned and retained? 

The process of learning plays an integral part in having an outstanding education. Kids benefit from the journey of learning, not the outcome itself. 

After having little success with tutoring centers (guess that “free time” was nice while it lasted), you’re thinking about hiring a private tutor. The tutor provides studying materials and you realize you’re running into a similar issue—he or she is still not feeling challenged academically. This is because private tutors offer a supplement to the standard curriculumnothing new, nothing special. When is this problem going to resolve itself?! 

You’re exhausted and are starting to feel like you’re running out of options. FOMO is kicking in and you’re afraid that if you don’t find a program soon, your son or daughter isn’t going to get into the college of your dreams. We mean, ahem, the college of their dreams. Nevertheless, it’s clear you’re looking for a sign to point you in the right direction. That’s where we come in. 

At The Study Huddle, we’ve felt your pain; which is why we have created a program that’s tailored to every child’s needs. Initially, our program was centered around competitive math, but we realized the potential of this program and extended our teachings into reading, writing, science, and more. Your son or daughter will be in a group setting; they will learn to think critically and feel empowered to make mistakes. After all, any mistake is an opportunity to learn something, right? Through Zoom Classroom, we’ve successfully adapted to the times. Our Coaches are present throughout the entire duration of the class, the option for breakout groups is readily available, and your child can still actively participate through interactive annotations. 

We firmly believe that the power of collaboration plays a vital role in your child’s academic success. This is a component of our program that we are adamant about including in every single one of our courses. Collaboration is a key factor in learning effectively. Because again, we know that it’s the journey of learning, not the outcome, that keeps kids engaged and produces the best results. When your child can learn with their peers in our classroom setting, there’s a feeling of community. This is what allows them to feel comfortable enough to ask questions, to challenge the notions of others, and come back wanting to learn more. We’ve had students start at a very young age and stick around until they’ve graduated high school. We wear this like a badge of honor. It’s not every day that your child can be a part of something as enriching as what we offer at The Study Huddle and can be there for a multitude of years. We want to emphasize that our curriculum is customized to your child’s educational needs so they can learn the way they can and want to. 

On-boarding is simple. With our straightforward, 3-step process, you’re that much closer to where you want your son or daughter to be (academically, that is). We can feel it! We’ll connect, assess, and observe. Firstly, we’ll chat with you (as the parent) and go over what your expectations of the program are and if we need to pay special attention to certain aspects of your child’s learning experience. Secondly, we’ll administer an assessment. This gives us a better gauge of their literacy in the selected courses. Lastly, we’ll have him or her audit a class. This lets us place them in a group with peers that they would mesh well with. 

With The Study Huddle, your eternal search for academic alternatives ends here. We’ve got you covered. 

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